As a Visual Designer at The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS), I primarily focused on elevating the organization's brand identity and streamlining communication efforts. OMERS, a renowned Canadian public pension fund, entrusted me with creating compelling visual assets and implementing a consistent brand look for B2C and internal communications. My contributions reinforced OMERS' credibility, built more substantial connections with stakeholders, and enhanced the overall user experience.
Email Design & Banners:
One of the key areas of my involvement was crafting visually captivating email designs and banners to engage OMERS' audience effectively. By adhering to the brand's guidelines and incorporating eye-catching graphics, compelling copy, and clear CTAs, I ensured that each communication piece conveyed the organization's message concisely and resonated with the target audience. This approach boosted open and click-through rates and strengthened brand recognition and trust.
Quarterly Newsletter & Print Collaterals: 
OMERS' quarterly newsletter served as a vital communication tool, reaching stakeholders online and through print distribution. My responsibility extended to the entire design process, from conceptualizing layouts to creating visually appealing content for digital and print versions. The goal was to make the newsletter informative, visually engaging, and easily digestible. Additionally, I developed creative print collaterals, aligning them with the brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all touchpoints.

Landing Page Design: 
To enhance OMERS' online presence and user experience, I worked on designing high-converting landing pages that communicated essential information. By optimizing the layout, incorporating compelling visuals, and ensuring mobile responsiveness, the landing pages saw increased user engagement and conversions.
Through my contributions as a Visual Designer, OMERS experienced remarkable improvements in its brand communication and user engagement. The meticulously crafted email designs and banners increased open and click-through rates, strengthening the organization's relationships with its audience. The quarterly newsletter and print collaterals received positive feedback, demonstrating their effectiveness in conveying valuable information to stakeholders. The optimized landing pages witnessed improved conversion rates and a seamless user journey. The enhanced brand look and improved guidelines ensured that OMERS presented a cohesive and professional image to the public and internal teams.
In conclusion, my work as a Visual Designer at OMERS significantly enhanced brand identity, communication efforts, and user experience. The organization's ability to convey its values effectively across various mediums further solidified its position as a reputable and trusted Canadian public pension fund.

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