Kuki" represents a burst of joy in the kids' fashion industry, a brand that dresses the young in hues of happiness. Tasked with crafting an identity for this spirited label, our design approach was to weave together playfulness with a clean, contemporary aesthetic.
Our goal was to create a visual language that speaks directly to the heart of childhood—uninhibited fun. It needed to appeal to the children and resonate with their parents’ sensibilities, ensuring trust and quality.
I began by sketching a logo to encapsulate the brand’s ethos. “Kuki” demanded something that was catchy to a child’s eye and reflected sophistication. The result was a bold yet friendly logotype that is easily recognizable and versatile across various applications.
The color palette is a nod to children’s playful and limitless imagination—vibrant blues, reds, and yellows alongside softer pastel tones, creating a versatile spectrum for the brand’s expressive range. These colors spill over into the custom patterns, reminiscent of children’s finger paintings, bringing an organic and creative energy to the brand.

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