In response to our collaborative discussions, I took the initiative to review and revamp the Financial Overview Dashboard. The primary goal was to ensure a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, enhancing readability and optimizing navigation.
Design Changes:
 - Font Change: Transitioned to the "Inter" font to improve readability and provide a sleek appearance.
 - Navigation and Headers: A structured header section was introduced, including breadcrumbs, for smoother navigation. Enhanced clarity with headers and subheaders for the "Current Period" and "Year to Date" sections.
 - Visual Indicators: Negative figures are now highlighted in red for instant recognition of potential areas of concern. Positive numbers can be highlighted in green, quickly identifying performance trends and outliers.
Compact View:
Maintained the original layout's compactness, with the chart and table side-by-side. Offers a concise overview, preserving familiarity for existing users.
Maintained a design closer to the original, with all filter items visible atop the dashboard.
Top Filters Refinement: Filter Dropdown
Introduced a filter dropdown to neatly house all filtering options. Selected filters are prominently displayed as chips/badges, reducing visual clutter.

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