As the lead designer tasked with redesigning SplitBase's website, a renowned conversion optimization agency, my objective was to create an impactful online platform that effectively showcased their expertise in designing, testing, and managing high-converting landing pages and on-site experiences for ecommerce businesses. By highlighting their proven strategies to boost revenue through landing page design, conversion-focused website development, and full-site optimization programs, I aimed to elevate SplitBase's brand image, increase user engagement, and drive client acquisition.

To begin the redesign, I conducted extensive user research to gain valuable insights into visitors' preferences and pain points. Understanding their need for clear and concise information, I streamlined the website's navigation, ensuring easy access to essential sections such as "About Us," "Contact Us," "Case Studies," "Podcast," and "Blog." The intuitive layout and user-centric design aimed to engage visitors and keep them invested in the SplitBase story.
Emphasizing Services: 
I highlighted SplitBase's core offerings through compelling visuals and engaging copy. The "Landing Page Design & Optimization" section emphasized the impact of post-click experience on ad performance and customer acquisition costs. The "Conversion-Focused Website Design" segment focused on Shopify store optimization to enhance average order value, conversions, and sales. The "Full-Site Optimization Program" was positioned to convert website visitors into customers, showcasing SplitBase's expertise in A/B testing and conversion optimization.

Testimonials and Case Studies: 
To build credibility and trust, I strategically incorporated client testimonials from reputable brands such as BestSelf Co, Haute Hijab, and Vivian Lou. Additionally, I featured case studies of successful projects with brands like DIFF Eyewear and Kiehl Skincare, showcasing the impressive growth and conversion rate increases achieved through SplitBase's services.

Client Experience: 
The user-friendly interface allowed visitors to access SplitBase's services efficiently. To facilitate client inquiries, I implemented a prominent "Get Proposal" call-to-action, encouraging potential clients to optimize their online presence. The contact form provided a seamless way for visitors to reach out and request assistance. At the same time, the "Resources" section offered valuable tools like the "Conversion Optimization ROI Calculator" and "DTC Swipe File," positioning SplitBase as a valuable resource for e-commerce businesses.

Branding and Cohesive Design: 
I reinforced SplitBase's brand identity by incorporating its logo consistently across the website. The color scheme and typography were chosen strategically to exude professionalism and confidence. I guided visitors' attention to essential information by utilizing a visual hierarchy, ensuring a smooth user journey.

The redesigned SplitBase website successfully achieved its objectives by providing visitors with a clear understanding of the agency's expertise and how it can benefit e-commerce businesses. The revamped user experience improved engagement, increasing leads and client conversions. Positive testimonials and case studies further solidified SplitBase's reputation as a trusted partner driving online revenue growth. The new website attracted more prospective clients, and the streamlined contact process facilitated seamless communication, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the redesigned SplitBase website effectively communicates the agency's value proposition and showcases its track record of boosting e-commerce conversions. Through a strategic and user-centric approach, the new website is a powerful tool to connect with potential clients. It reinforces SplitBase's position as the industry's leading conversion optimization agency.

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